supplier audits

Supplier audits 


Supplier risk management is becoming a critical issue for companies large and small. Consumers increasingly demand that the products they buy are produced ethically. They are quick to call out issues in upstream supply chains, resulting in damage to a brand’s reputation.

Social responsibility audits and supplier risk assessment offer a rigorous process to identify and manage risks in your supply chain and protect your brand image. They enable you to set objectives, track progress over time and ensure your suppliers continually improve. Bureau Veritas offers audits to a wide range of industry standards as well as customized supplier audits. We have distilled our years of expertise into a compliance checklist which can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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Social responsibility audits

Consumers and NGOs increasingly hold companies to account on social performance throughout their supply chain. Bureau Veritas supports businesses to manage these risks via independent social responsibility audits. We offer audits to international standards, including SA 8000 and SMETA and customized supplier audits built on a Bureau Veritas checklist.



Code of Conduct audits

Many companies have a Code of Conduct in place that specifies the ethics, values and behavior a company expects of its employees and suppliers. Dedicated Code of Conduct audits by Bureau Veritas assess performance across your business, helping you send a strong signal to stakeholders that you take compliance seriously.

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Supplier audits for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies have complex supply chains and handle substances that can pose environmental risks including pollution. As such, managing risk throughout the supply chain is an imperative. Bureau Veritas performs supplier audits to a range of industry standards including PSCI, EXCiPACT, EFfCI and COSMOS.

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Chemicals audits

Health & safety and environmental protection are critical issues in the high-risk chemicals industry. As a result, initiatives have emerged to target continual improvement in environmental and social performance and sustainable sourcing. Bureau Veritas provides supplier audits for two major industry initiatives, Responsible Care and Together for Sustainability.


Electronics & ICT audits

Long supply chains for electronics and telecommunications products come with health & safety, environmental and ethical risks. Bureau Veritas offers supplier audits to two Responsible Business Alliance standards, RBA-VAP, a shareable compliance audit program and Responsible Mineral Alliance (RMI) for upstream sourcing.