BV Trust Makers in Ndola Zambia



Jul. 31 2023

Bureau Veritas, a leading global inspection, certification, and testing company, recently organized two impactful workshops on Pre-Export Verification of Conformity in Ndola and Lusaka, Zambia. These workshops aimed to empower local exporters with the knowledge and tools necessary to meet international quality and safety standards, thereby enhancing their export capabilities and fostering economic growth in the region. 

The workshops were held on the 26th of July 28, 2023, in Lusaka and 28th of July 28, 2023 in Ndola respectively, attracting an enthusiastic audience of manufacturers, exporters, and industry stakeholders. The event's success was a testament to Bureau Veritas' commitment to supporting trade facilitation and promoting sustainable business practices in Zambia.

Mashudu Lembede, Zambia Country Chief Executive at  Bureau Veritas, emphasized, "We are delighted to have hosted these workshops in collaboration with local authorities and industry partners. Our aim is to empower Zambian traders to access global markets with confidence, while also ensuring that the products they export meet the highest quality and safety standards.  Bureau Veritas Africa  remains dedicated to supporting trade facilitation and driving export quality in Zambia and across the region. Our ongoing roadshow of workshops 
aim to bring our expertise and experience to more African nations, enabling intra-Africa trade and propelling economic development. "

Participants at the workshops appreciated the valuable insights provided by Bureau Veritas' experts, expressing their gratitude for the initiative that would undoubtedly have a positive impact on their export endeavors.

Richard Zulu, Membership and Business Development Specialist at Zambian Association of Manufacturing (ZAM), stated, "We extend our appreciation to Bureau Veritas for organising these workshops, which have provided our members with valuable insights into international trade requirements. By equipping our manufacturers with the knowledge to meet global quality standards, Bureau Veritas is playing a crucial role in strengthening the competitiveness of Zambian products in the international market."

Joseph Malisawa, President at Ndola Chamber of Commerce, and Industry, expressed, "The partnership with Bureau Veritas has been instrumental in elevating our export community's understanding of conformity regulations. These workshops have not only empowered our exporters but have also contributed to building trust in Zambian products. We commend Bureau Veritas for their commitment to fostering economic growth through sustainable trade practices. It is essential to expand such programs to rural areas, supporting traders involved in non-traditional exports. Additionally, in the past, Zambia has faced issues with the dumping of sub-standard goods in the country. Thanks to organizations like Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and Bureau Veritas, we are moving towards a future where quality products come into the country, ensuring the protection of our consumers."
Bureau Veritas' dedication to fostering economic development through intra-Africa trade is exemplified by its ongoing roadshow of workshops in the region. Building on the success of Zimbabwe’, the company is now bringing its expertise and experience to Zambia.

Mervin Kamoetie, Director of Government Services for Bureau Veritas, seeks to replicate the accomplishments of the successful Consignment Based Conformity Assessment CBCA in Zambia.