Plastics recycling Zambia


Bureau Veritas

in Zambia


with Tarnex

in recycling


Dec. 27 2021

Bureau Veritas in Zambia and Tarnex work together to fight plastics waste.

Who is Tarnex?

Tarnex Recycling Limited is a private company dedicated to the efficient management of plastic waste and environmental protection. They specialize in developing synthetic crude oil that can be tailored to meet a customer's specific needs. Tarnex Recycling Limited plans to process this crude into diesel, jet fuel and, in the long term, 15w-40 (motor oil). Their quality of service and dedication of directors will ensure that client’s retention rate is at its highest among the factories and mines that operate the heavy combustion machinery for which it is recommended.

What need the project covers?

As part of giving back to the community, Bureau Veritas in Zambia collaborates with Tarnex. The team collects plastics and bring to the office for delivery to Tarnex. This is a great opportunity for Bureau Veritas in Zambia to be involved and let each of us leave a mark on the environment in our respective communities.


The plastic collection team

Bureau Veritas, Zambia

Bureau Veritas team collecting plastics

Bureau Veritas, Zambia