Building & Equipment inspection

Building & equipment inspection

Buildings, equipment and products must be subject to regulatory or non-regulatory controls, verifications or inspections, based on norms, standards or your own requirements.

The verification missions of installations and equipment in service consist of one or more services whose objective is:

  • To assess compliance or maintenance of compliance, or
  • To perform diagnoses or measurements, or
  • To provide you with technical assistance in restarting or complying with regulatory or other standards.

To this end, these services generally verify that safety and protection rules have been taken into account during installation, commissioning or use.

These services cover materials, equipment or installations "in service", i.e. in the operational phase which extends over the entire period of use: from their installation or commissioning to their disposal, destruction or requalification.

Business Challenge

As an employer, owner or operator, you are responsible for providing your employees, tenants or the public with facilities or equipment in good working order and/or in good working order.

To help you manage your liability (civil, criminal) and guarantee the safety of your staff, the integrity of your processes and assets or the preservation of your assets and the environment, Bureau Veritas can assist you in:

  • identify your obligations
  • carry out mandatory and voluntary regulatory audits
  • assist you in compliance actions
  • validate the good recompliance

Our Offer

Bureau Veritas is able to meet most of the verifications required of you by the Labour Code, the Environmental Code, the safety regulations for establishments open to the public or the specific insurance rules or standards.

Bureau Veritas has the skills to inspect your buildings or equipment (electrical installation, fire protection installation, elevator, lifting equipment, machinery, radiation, pressure equipment, leisure equipment, etc.), as well as to inspect your systems and processes against numerous standards.